Eevery great man is an actor of his own ideal. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

22 Content Creation Tips [Infographic] Long

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The idea of breaking up the routine and going for a walk (content creation idea # 18) is closest to what works for me, especially when working from home. When I feel myself  heading towards a mental crash, I dial a kitchen timer for twenty minutes and head off to do some chores.  Two things happen when I use this approach.  First, I get twenty minutes worth of work done around the house, and that’s a good thing.  Second, after twenty minutes, I’m  usually feeling mentally refreshed and thinking clearly again.  I guess when I’m given the choice of content — or — house work, my brain suddenly starts working again. That choice is clear to me.

Hummingbird Diaries

The month of May is when I expect to see hummingbirds return to central Indiana. I find the migration map from HummingBirdCentral.Com is helpful for determining  their locations. My wife jokes about my hobby, and alerts me of their … [Continue reading]

Random Productivity

  When I was a young mechanic, working at a full-service gas station, people would try to put me on the spot by asking crazy hypothetical questions. It would go something like this… Me: Your tire has a broken belt and needs to be … [Continue reading]

Shannon Hoon

Some might know that I’m a big fan of the original Blind Melon band which featured the vocals of the late Shannon Hoon.  While the name Blind Melon is not in everyone’s repertoire, I would assume everyone who grew up with MTV remembers this … [Continue reading]

Writing a Blog

We all have to start somewhere, and I feel that writing about blogging is the best crash-course available.  So, I'll churn out my first blog entry as a how-to for those seeking ideas for blog articles. I’m not an expert here, but recent thoughts of … [Continue reading]